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A Modern Roundup: Desert Darling

July 31, 2015

In Southern California we are bordered on one side with the great Pacific Ocean and on the other, desert. I don’t think I really thought too much about the desert when I was young. I didn’t hate it, I didn’t love it. I just didn’t get it yet.

Modern Colorist | A Modern Roundup | Desert Darling | WiissaPhoto by wiissa. Lost in the cacti grove.
Modern Colorist | A Modern Roundup | Desert Darling | WiissaPhoto by wiissa at the Grand Canyon. How deep the river made this canyon is breathtaking.

Being an adult, I’ve explored a little and I’ve come to fall in love with vast dry land. I gaze on the subtle mountain outlines, the shades of color within the layers sand, marvel at the desert plants.Modern Colorist | A Modern Roundup | Desert Darling | Forrest Mankins

Photo by Forrest Mankin in Alabama Hill, Lone Pine (Where a lot of the old Westerns were filmed).  Get yourself out there. It’s so beautiful.

Today I’m rounding up a perfect desert outfit. When I’m in the desert I think about the types of fabric I am wearing, what’s going to make me stay the most cool and dry.

This light weight jumpsuit with a perfect desert rose to keep your arms out of the sun is a great one to keep you cool and the sun off of you! A straw hat lets in the wind and cools you down, pair it all with the desert turquoise jewelry and I think you call that an outfit!

Modern Colorist | A Modern Roundup | Desert Darling1. Klint | 2. Flowerpatch Tan and Dusty Pink & Gold | 3. Nallik Larimar Necklace | 4. Sara Barner Ruby Bag | 5. Mitra Jumpsuit | 6. The Conjure Flower Denim Shirt | 7. Turquoise Stone Cuff by Giant Lion | 8. Helter Lace Up Clogs |

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Dress The Rainbow

July 29, 2015

Another day, another Dress The Rainbow it seems like! I LOVE IT! If you’re not following along, The House That Lars Built is doing 50 days of dressing in a certain color with the same color background.

Today is mustard. I hate mustard the flavor but I love mustard the color! Oh how it mixes so well with orangey red, mint green. Goodness I die sometimes about that (not literally of course).

Modern Colorist | Dress The Rainbow | MustardWant to know something funny about me… It’s about the first time I saw a dead body. Yuck gross I know. But it’s kinda weird and funny… When I was at college I had only a couple days to find a new place to live. I wasn’t having much luck. School was about to start. So I took to the donut to heal my pain. After eating at Provo Bakery‬ I saw a ‘for rent’ sign next store. It happened to be a part of Berg Mortuary‬. Well the first time paying my rent I pass one of their vans and who happened to be in the back of a van, just laying on a gurney, was a dead person! Good and dead. I quickly rushed to pay my rent and I moved 4 months later. It was kinda funny to live there. Made for a great story. But I didn’t like to live alone. Good thing I moved out because it burnt down 6 months later.

Ok awesome now Dress The Rainbow everybody! Have a beautiful sunny mustard day!

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Motivational Monday: French Yoplait Commercials

July 27, 2015

Have you noticed the cute Yoplait commercials recently? The ones with the french girl? I absolutely love her and those vibes coming from these commercials! Absolutely charming!

Don’t remember? Let me refresh your memory…

I was so into them that I wanted to find out more behind the commercials; who created them, what was their inspiration, etc…

All in the name:

I probably should have already realized by the name but Yoplait but they have French roots, founded by two French farmers in the 60’s. Can you see the ’60’s shining through?

Charming Commercial Creators: 

The creators behind the commercials Wieden + Kennedy, an ad agency in Portland, Oregon. They are also the ones behind the new KFC commercials (Love those ones too). Anyway, their usage of bright colors tie into Yoplait’s yogurt flavors; blue and green for blueberry and red and pink for strawberry.

What’s behind that adorable French accent?

Bringing in their French heritage, W+K wanted a true authentic French voice for their narrator but even with casting agencies they were struggling to find the perfect voice. Hearing a rough cut, their ECD (Executive Creative Director) Joe Staples, realized just the perfect person! A french woman that sold socks up the street. BOOM! Magic!

The face of Yoplait:

The second-to-last person to see while casting was Phoebe Neidhardt. Her charm, likability, and endless amount of energy made her the perfect match!

Let’s talk direction:

“Eating Yoplait is a fun and enjoyable experience, and we just wanted to make spots that elicited those same feelings,” Karl Lieberman, the creative director for W+K expressed.

Bringing on the director Autumn De Wilde, known for her eclectic mix of fashion, beauty and humor to her work, W+K’s plan was to not take themselves too seriously and instead keep those fun and enjoyable experiences.

That’s what I am feeling when I see these commercials!

Modern-Colorist | Yoplait French Commercial

Source: Adweek

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Jaryn Bunney

July 27, 2015

With a twist of her pen, my dear talented friend Jaryn Bunney did this fun portrait of me! Love the quickness of her marks and the color fields that make up the larger drawing.

Modern Colorist | Jaryn Bunney


Check out more of her portraits here.

Another talent that Jaryn possess (out of a whole lot more of course) is she was Tanner and my videographer for our wedding. She captured the day so beautifully and all my nervousness and excitement of the day! Thank you Jaryn all your talents!

I’ll be posting more about my wedding later but enjoy this video to keep you intrigued.