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A Modern Roundup: Back To School, Day 1

August 31, 2015

Everyone’s going back to school but I’m not. I sorta wish I was. It was a whole lot easier back than. I don’t think people know how lucky they have it when they are in school… The real world is tough! There are bills to be paid, working everyday all day that isn’t your dream job, or something you even went to school for. Live it up school people! I know finals are terrible, and those dreaded papers, and spending what seems forever in boring classes but think about having to go find real work after school and realizing you’re probably going to have to work some pretty lame jobs before (hopefully) landing your dream job, or being unemployed and still having to pay bills, and if you have student loans!! Oh boy! Stay in school, well not forever or else they won’t let you graduate, but enjoy it at least! Ok?

Another reason it’s fun to go back to school is BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING! That one or two outfits that you weren’t allowed to wear before school started. Such a good good time.

This week I have given you my outfits I would get if I were going back to school :(

Day 1 Outfit:

My new ready-for-Fall ribbed sweater/shirt that I would put over my high-waisted jeans (because high-waisted jeans are good to hide unwanted chubs), put on my squeaky clean cream high-top Converse All Star sneakers (hard color choice because I want them all), throw my books into my vintage reclaimed Indonesian backpack, step outside, flip on my orange cream sunnies and walk to class, wishing it was summer but still excited for the unknown upcoming year.Modern Colorist | Back To School1. ASOS WHITE Rib Ovoid Jumper Dress | 2. ASOS Farleigh High Waist Slim Mom Jeans In Mid Wash Blue With Busted Knees | 3. Quay Kittie Cat-Eye Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters | 4. Reclaimed Vintage Embroidery Backpack in Swirl and Floral Print from Asos | 5. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High-Top Sneaker from Urban Outfitters  |

Shop My Back-To-School Outfits below!

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Shop Shop The Rainbow

Shop The Rainbow

August 30, 2015

Needing to add some color to your wardrobe? Don’t worry I have you covered! I’ll have you covered in bright wonderful colors of the rainbow!Modern Colorist | Shop The Rainbow1. ASOS Faux Fur Double Compartment Cross Body Bag | 2. Maison Scotch Check Coat from ASOS | 3. ASOS Double Layer Button Through Jaquard Mini Dress | 4. ASOS CURVE Plain Wiggle Cut Out Back Dress | 5. ASOS AALIYA Leather Peep Toe Ankle Boots from ASOS | 6. The Ames Boot in Suede from Madewell | 7. First & I 70’s Stripe Button Through A-Line Skirt from Urban Outfitters & First and I 70’s Stripe High Neck Top from Urban Outfitters

Shop The Rainbow Below!

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She Comes In Color: Still Feelin’ Blue

August 25, 2015

Modern Colorist | Still Feeling Blue

Some music to get you into the spirit:

“Now I’m Still Feeling Blue…”

Recently I bought this bell sleeve dress at Zara on sale! I’ve been waiting and hoping it would, and just my luck there was one left in just my size. Woohee, something about denim for me this summer. I gotta wear it everyday, I have to wear it from head-to-toe.

Modern Colorist | Still Feeling BlueThis color blue, it just goes so well with red. Zara also had these vintage inspired bright red sunglasses! I’ve also had my eye on them and I was so excited to see them on sale.Modern Colorist | Still Feeling BlueSometimes it’s hard to come up with creative or unique accessories. I get bored with the typical necklace but I don’t get bored with my pins.

We got the “Devour a Book” pin. (Should I literally have a book for dinner?)

Notice my painted face pin. My 5×5′ self portrait was in a juried art show while I was still at school. They had promotional pins with the art on them. I took all the ones that had my face on it of course.

Modern Colorist | Still Feeling BlueScroll all the way down to shop so fun pins.Modern Colorist | Still Feeling BlueModern Colorist | Still Feeling Blue

Still feeling blue?

Here ya go, shop your blue heart out! (Click photo to direct link)

Wanna shop some fun pins?

Explorer’s Press just has that unique touch. I got a couple of these for presents for people for Christmas last year. Tanner received the Sensitive Artist pin, Walker (my bro-in-law), was the person I got for Secret Santa, so with his gift I attached the Explorer pin.

Modern Colorist | Still Feeling Blue

photos by Walker Boyes

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Modern Find: A Miracle Nail Polish

August 18, 2015

Modern Colorist | Nail Polish

So you would think that I love getting my nails done… Turns out, I could do without. I have maybe been twice in my life, and one was for my wedding. Sure a little hand rub feels nice but I mean $20, $30 for nail polish that I will literally scratch off in two seconds. NO THANK YOU!

But a girls got to have a little color on her nails. I use my hands a lot! For lots of things that would make wearing nail polish pretty much impossible. Passing the nail aisle row at Target in the beginning of the summer I spotted this great blue color. I picked it out just based off the color. At home I realized it was a Miracle Gel nail polish by Sally Hansen. As we know gel nail polish should stay for two weeks. So I was intrigued to see if this really would work, without the lights of the fancy nail salon, without the special treatment.

So I followed the directions, two coats and then a clear top coat. Recently I have been restoring some mid century chairs. Grinding, sanding, wet sanding, polishing, stains, etc. and so forth. I thought this would totally chip my nails. Guess what? It didn’t! I have had this nail polish on for more than two weeks and it has stayed pretty much perfect.

I have literally been wearing this color all summer long because I am so impressed with this stuff. I think it’s time to get yourself over to target and pick yourself out some Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Nail Polish. You won’t be disappointed.

Modern Colorist | Nail Polish

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Motivational Monday: Natasha Goldenberg

August 17, 2015

You probably don’t know her. But you’ve probably have her pinned in one of your pinboards.

A Russian style icon, part designer (Tzipporah), part stylist, part consultant and full-time mom! PHEW! You go girl! Natasha Goldenberg is a daring and playful dresser. She doesn’t take herself too seriously. Mixing loud colors and patterns, wearing extravagant headpieces, wearing oversized anything, this girl takes risks and I like it!

Modern Colorist | Natasha Goldenberg Modern Colorist | Natasha Goldenberg Modern Colorist | Natasha Goldenberg Modern Colorist | Natasha Goldenberg Modern Colorist | Natasha Goldenberg Modern Colorist | Natasha Goldenberg

I wouldn’t mind going shopping in her closet. So much color, texture, pattern! I barely can contain myself.

She gives me a reason to get up the morning and put on the most wild thing I own!

I need to follow her lead and embrace the silly, the eccentric, the collective, the colorful Caitlin.


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