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DIY Cut Off Shorts

August 12, 2015

Modern Colorist | DIY Cut Off ShortsGrab your old pair of jeans that we have stuffed in the back of our closet because it’s summer and it’s hot and I’m about to show you how to make your own pair of cut off shorts.Modern Colorist | DIY Cut Off ShortsLets do this…

Materials Needed:
  • Old Pair of Pants
  • Cloth Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Sewing Machine
Step 1: Lay out your pants out flat.

Think about how short you want your shorts.

I choose 17″ down from the top of my pants. I am 5’11” so depending on your height this will either be long or average.

  1. A good way to see how long or short you want it is by comparing it to another pair of shorts you have.
  2. Another way is to try on your pants and see how short you would like them.
  3. One other thing to think about is if you want a cuffed bottom hem or a frayed open hem. If you want a cuffed hem add 2″.

Modern Colorist | DIY Cut Off ShortsModern Colorist | DIY Cut Off Shorts

Step 2. Marking Your Measurements

Making sure you are always measuring from the top of your pants, bring the measuring tape to your desired length and mark it with your pencil. (Just a little dash will do for now)

Continue marking every couple inches, making you are measuring from the top. (Not doing so could really screw you up)

Do it for both sides.

Modern Colorist | DIY Cut Off ShortsModern Colorist | DIY Cut Off ShortsStep 3. Connecting Your Dashes

Lay your measuring tape so it lines up to your dashes. Carefully connect your dashes with your pencil by making a straight line.

Do it for both sides.

Modern Colorist | DIY Cut Off ShortsStep 4. Cut Your Straight Lines

Making sure your pants are perfectly straight, with no crinkles or folds, take your scissors and starting cutting away.

I cut the whole leg together (2 layers). If you find this tricky you can measure the backside of your pants and cut them separately.

Do the other leg now.

Modern Colorist | DIY Cut Off ShortsStep 5. Figuring Out Your Hem

If you decided your wanted a cuffed hem all you need to do from here is fold them up twice and your good to go!

I’m going to be doing the cleaned frayed look.

Modern Colorist | DIY Cut Off ShortsStep 6. Frayed Hem

To achieve the frayed look, grab your scissors, open them up a little bit, and with one layer, move your scissors back and forth, making sure your fabric is getting right into the joint of your scissors.

Keep going back and forth and back and forth and you’ll soon start seeing the fraying look. Depending on how much you want you can keep going to make a lot of fraying. I am keeping mine pretty little and clean.

Do this same process with the backside and the other leg.

Modern Colorist | DIY Cut Off ShortsStep 7. Cut The Stingy Hem

If you like your strings hanging from your hem then VOILA! You are done! But I want a little bit of a cleaned up fray hem so I just cut some of my strings at the bottom. I didn’t get fray hem, just my strings.

That’s it! Pretty much the easiest shorts you’re ever going to make!

Modern Colorist | DIY Cut Off Shorts