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Five Ways to Wear A Pair Of Pants: Day 3, Blouse

May 6, 2015
Five Ways To Wear A Pair Of Pants - Blouse
We’ve made it half way through the week! Is that week half way started or half way over… that’s up to you!
We are going through 5 ways to wear a pair of pants.
1st Day was The Boyfriend T Shirt.
2nd Day is The Tunic.
3rd Day is The Blouse.

I have always been a denim wearing lady. I never know what my day might turn into, whether it be working on an art project, repurposing a thrift store furniture, going to the dog park…denim, we know, lets me do anything. This week I am focusing on a certain pair of my pants. A light distressed denim from Zara.

Today I am pairing my denim with my yellow striped blouse from Anthropologie. The short bell sleeve shirt flatters any arm (which I am always looking for) and the loose silhouette conceals any imperfections that we want to keep hidden (which I am also always looking for). Modern ColoristModern ColoristI left my outfit really simple because today I wanted to keep it light. I was out for a walk and to enjoy the sun! So I slipped on my Forever 21 Flower Sandals which not only complemented my top but also all the beautiful springtime blooms. These sandals are my springtime favorite because even though they have a flowery design, the colors make it easy to mix and match with most of my closet.Modern ColoristLove me a high pony to keep my hair out of my face. Modern ColoristTie back in the red in the shoes with the some bright red lipstick and you got yourself an outfit!

Modern ColoristModern Colorist 5 Ways 2 Wear A Pair Of Pants: Style Guide- Blouse

1.Skinny Jeans (Light Blue): Zara 2.Ruffled Sleeve Top: Mango 3.Dirty Laundry- Elevate Burnished: 6pm 4.Nars Lipstick (Heat Wave– Semi Matte Orange Red): Sephora

photos by Walker Boyes

How To Wear Shop Style Guide Tips + Tricks

Five Ways to Wear A Pair Of Pants: Day 2, Tunic

May 5, 2015
Five Ways To Wear A Pair Of Pants - TunicThis week I am giving you tips on how to wear 1 pair a pants 5 different ways.
1st Day was The Boyfriend T Shirt.
2nd Day is The Tunic.

I have a pair of denim that I love, and they aren’t a fancy high-priced denim company. In fact, I don’t own any $$$ fancy jeans. I got my skinny pants distressed jeans from Zara. The skinny pant is flattering with all sorts of tops that you match with them because they taper in.

Off to the local Nursery on this beautiful Spring day. I paired my denim with a favorite tunic of mine from Forever 21. The tunic is fun because it plays with different dimensions. They hit longer than a normal shirt would, making me feel comfortable and covered and it light and breezy for those sunny days.
Modern ColoristModern ColoristThis spring tunic was calling for a natural straw bag which I found at a local thrift store. I love this bag and I wore it out last year but I keep trying to fix it as much as I can because it is one of my favorites!

Modern ColoristI am a fan of brown leather shoes. They match anything and everything (pretty much). I love slipons, because, hence the name, you slip them on. EASY!

These little cuties are a vintage find that I got many years back before I was married. The middle circle is an emblem with the initial “B”. I was a little bummed because my name didn’t have a “b” anywhere in it! To my delight, I got married and now my last name starts with a “B”, hurrah! The bow adds a delicate, fun touch.

Modern ColoristLast but not least, sunny days call for some protection from those sun rays! I totally splurged and bought mine for a whopping…$6. I know! I am always on the look out for good, cheap sunnies. Tortoise shell coloring matches well with anything but it also says you aren’t afraid to be a little bit different.

Modern ColoristModern ColoristThrow on your daily red hot lip stick and get those rays a-coming….

Modern Colorist


1.Skinny Jeans (Light Blue): Zara 2.Embroidered Gauze Peasant Dress: Forever 21 3.Macrame Swan Tote: Anthropologie 4.Vintage Leather Ballerina Bow Flats: Etsy 5.Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer: Sephora 6.Signature Sunglasses (Matte Tortoise): & Apparel

photos by Walker Boyes

How To Wear Shop Style Guide Tips + Tricks

Five Ways to Wear A Pair Of Pants: Day 1, Boyfriend T Shirt

May 4, 2015

Five Ways To Wear A Pair Of Pants - Boyfriend T-ShirtI’m giving you tips on how to wear 1 pair a pants 5 different ways! (Why do we say pair of pants anyways?)

Let me introduce you to my pants… A light distressed denim from Zara.

These pants are one I put on regularly. Even though they are distressed, don’t let that scare you! I found that having unique denim brings some character to your closet. You may think you’ll have a hard time pairing it with your other clothes, but you’ll be surprised how many things would patch perfectly with it!

1st day is The Boyfriend T Shirt!

The boyfriend tee is a classic all around great shirt to have… or borrow. Who wouldn’t want to wear the most cozy, perfectly aged t shirt? You just have to know how to match it up right! Let me show ya!Modern ColoristIt’s a casual look that I contrasted with my Forever 21 diamond collar necklace. Mixing casual with a little bit of sparkle brings an element of playfulness and girliness to a mans shirt.Modern ColoristModern ColoristI continued on with some mens leather dress shoe and matching it leather woven belt.Modern ColoristModern ColoristModern ColoristTo finish it all off, I brought it all together with my thrift stored white + natural leather bag and a colorful geometric scarf tied around the handle. I am a lover of scarfs, as you might soon realize. The scarf adds that pop of color for that much needed feminine touch!Modern ColoristModern ColoristThrow on your red lip stick and you’re ready to go!Modern Colorist

Modern-Colorist-5-Ways-2-Wear-A-Pair-Of-Pants-Style-Guide1. Skinny Jeans (Light Blue): Zara 2. Basic T Shirt (Dark Gray): H&M 3.Crystal Rapunzel Bib: Bauble Bar 4. Braided Leather Bag: Ralph Lauren 5. Lenox Hill Derby Shoes: Cole Haan 6. Vintage Dooney & Bourke Classic Leather Satchel: Etsy 7. Constellation Neon: A Peace Treaty 8. MAC Lipstick (Dangerous M): Nordstroms

photos by Walker Boyes