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A Modern Find: Honey Of California Slip

September 15, 2015

Modern Colorist | Honey of CaliforniaToday for my Modern Find I have a lifesaving slip! Honest. You know those dresses that are shear all over that you just wish you had a perfectly fitted nude slip to go under? Don’t worry I gotcha covered, literally!Modern Colorist | Honey of CaliforniaModern Colorist | Honey of CaliforniaThe Honey Slip by Honey of California is a dream. My closet is full of shear dresses that are hard to find slips that do just what I want them to do! But with this sleeved, (there is also a tank version and a black version) light-weight, and fitted just right slip I know I won’t be showing anything I wasn’t planning on.Modern Colorist | Honey of California

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Modern Find: A Miracle Nail Polish

August 18, 2015

Modern Colorist | Nail Polish

So you would think that I love getting my nails done… Turns out, I could do without. I have maybe been twice in my life, and one was for my wedding. Sure a little hand rub feels nice but I mean $20, $30 for nail polish that I will literally scratch off in two seconds. NO THANK YOU!

But a girls got to have a little color on her nails. I use my hands a lot! For lots of things that would make wearing nail polish pretty much impossible. Passing the nail aisle row at Target in the beginning of the summer I spotted this great blue color. I picked it out just based off the color. At home I realized it was a Miracle Gel nail polish by Sally Hansen. As we know gel nail polish should stay for two weeks. So I was intrigued to see if this really would work, without the lights of the fancy nail salon, without the special treatment.

So I followed the directions, two coats and then a clear top coat. Recently I have been restoring some mid century chairs. Grinding, sanding, wet sanding, polishing, stains, etc. and so forth. I thought this would totally chip my nails. Guess what? It didn’t! I have had this nail polish on for more than two weeks and it has stayed pretty much perfect.

I have literally been wearing this color all summer long because I am so impressed with this stuff. I think it’s time to get yourself over to target and pick yourself out some Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Nail Polish. You won’t be disappointed.

Modern Colorist | Nail Polish