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She Comes In Color: Still Feelin’ Blue

August 25, 2015

Modern Colorist | Still Feeling Blue

Some music to get you into the spirit:

“Now I’m Still Feeling Blue…”

Recently I bought this bell sleeve dress at Zara on sale! I’ve been waiting and hoping it would, and just my luck there was one left in just my size. Woohee, something about denim for me this summer. I gotta wear it everyday, I have to wear it from head-to-toe.

Modern Colorist | Still Feeling BlueThis color blue, it just goes so well with red. Zara also had these vintage inspired bright red sunglasses! I’ve also had my eye on them and I was so excited to see them on sale.Modern Colorist | Still Feeling BlueSometimes it’s hard to come up with creative or unique accessories. I get bored with the typical necklace but I don’t get bored with my pins.

We got the “Devour a Book” pin. (Should I literally have a book for dinner?)

Notice my painted face pin. My 5×5′ self portrait was in a juried art show while I was still at school. They had promotional pins with the art on them. I took all the ones that had my face on it of course.

Modern Colorist | Still Feeling BlueScroll all the way down to shop so fun pins.Modern Colorist | Still Feeling BlueModern Colorist | Still Feeling Blue

Still feeling blue?

Here ya go, shop your blue heart out! (Click photo to direct link)

Wanna shop some fun pins?

Explorer’s Press just has that unique touch. I got a couple of these for presents for people for Christmas last year. Tanner received the Sensitive Artist pin, Walker (my bro-in-law), was the person I got for Secret Santa, so with his gift I attached the Explorer pin.

Modern Colorist | Still Feeling Blue

photos by Walker Boyes

She Comes In Color Shop Shop The Rainbow Style Guide Trending

Shop The Rainbow

August 2, 2015

Time to Shop The Rainbow!Modern Colorist | Shop The Rainbow

1. Vans Sk8-Hi Leather High-Top Sneakers In Pink | 2. Cinta Dress | 3. ASOS x Jackie Jumpsuit in Bright Yellow Print | 4. Rachel Comey Dekalb Clogs | 5. 51mm Cat Eye Sunglasses | 6. The Dana Bucket Bag | 7. Moonstone Silk Maxi Skirt |


Modern Roundup Shop Style Guide Trending

A Modern Roundup: Desert Darling

July 31, 2015

In Southern California we are bordered on one side with the great Pacific Ocean and on the other, desert. I don’t think I really thought too much about the desert when I was young. I didn’t hate it, I didn’t love it. I just didn’t get it yet.

Modern Colorist | A Modern Roundup | Desert Darling | WiissaPhoto by wiissa. Lost in the cacti grove.
Modern Colorist | A Modern Roundup | Desert Darling | WiissaPhoto by wiissa at the Grand Canyon. How deep the river made this canyon is breathtaking.

Being an adult, I’ve explored a little and I’ve come to fall in love with vast dry land. I gaze on the subtle mountain outlines, the shades of color within the layers sand, marvel at the desert plants.Modern Colorist | A Modern Roundup | Desert Darling | Forrest Mankins

Photo by Forrest Mankin in Alabama Hill, Lone Pine (Where a lot of the old Westerns were filmed).  Get yourself out there. It’s so beautiful.

Today I’m rounding up a perfect desert outfit. When I’m in the desert I think about the types of fabric I am wearing, what’s going to make me stay the most cool and dry.

This light weight jumpsuit with a perfect desert rose to keep your arms out of the sun is a great one to keep you cool and the sun off of you! A straw hat lets in the wind and cools you down, pair it all with the desert turquoise jewelry and I think you call that an outfit!

Modern Colorist | A Modern Roundup | Desert Darling1. Klint | 2. Flowerpatch Tan and Dusty Pink & Gold | 3. Nallik Larimar Necklace | 4. Sara Barner Ruby Bag | 5. Mitra Jumpsuit | 6. The Conjure Flower Denim Shirt | 7. Turquoise Stone Cuff by Giant Lion | 8. Helter Lace Up Clogs |