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A Modern Find: Honey Of California Slip

September 15, 2015

Modern Colorist | Honey of CaliforniaToday for my Modern Find I have a lifesaving slip! Honest. You know those dresses that are shear all over that you just wish you had a perfectly fitted nude slip to go under? Don’t worry I gotcha covered, literally!Modern Colorist | Honey of CaliforniaModern Colorist | Honey of CaliforniaThe Honey Slip by Honey of California is a dream. My closet is full of shear dresses that are hard to find slips that do just what I want them to do! But with this sleeved, (there is also a tank version and a black version) light-weight, and fitted just right slip I know I won’t be showing anything I wasn’t planning on.Modern Colorist | Honey of California

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Modern Find: A Miracle Nail Polish

August 18, 2015

Modern Colorist | Nail Polish

So you would think that I love getting my nails done… Turns out, I could do without. I have maybe been twice in my life, and one was for my wedding. Sure a little hand rub feels nice but I mean $20, $30 for nail polish that I will literally scratch off in two seconds. NO THANK YOU!

But a girls got to have a little color on her nails. I use my hands a lot! For lots of things that would make wearing nail polish pretty much impossible. Passing the nail aisle row at Target in the beginning of the summer I spotted this great blue color. I picked it out just based off the color. At home I realized it was a Miracle Gel nail polish by Sally Hansen. As we know gel nail polish should stay for two weeks. So I was intrigued to see if this really would work, without the lights of the fancy nail salon, without the special treatment.

So I followed the directions, two coats and then a clear top coat. Recently I have been restoring some mid century chairs. Grinding, sanding, wet sanding, polishing, stains, etc. and so forth. I thought this would totally chip my nails. Guess what? It didn’t! I have had this nail polish on for more than two weeks and it has stayed pretty much perfect.

I have literally been wearing this color all summer long because I am so impressed with this stuff. I think it’s time to get yourself over to target and pick yourself out some Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Nail Polish. You won’t be disappointed.

Modern Colorist | Nail Polish

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DIY Cut Off Shorts

August 12, 2015

Modern Colorist | DIY Cut Off ShortsGrab your old pair of jeans that we have stuffed in the back of our closet because it’s summer and it’s hot and I’m about to show you how to make your own pair of cut off shorts.Modern Colorist | DIY Cut Off ShortsLets do this…

Materials Needed:
  • Old Pair of Pants
  • Cloth Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Sewing Machine
Step 1: Lay out your pants out flat.

Think about how short you want your shorts.

I choose 17″ down from the top of my pants. I am 5’11” so depending on your height this will either be long or average.

  1. A good way to see how long or short you want it is by comparing it to another pair of shorts you have.
  2. Another way is to try on your pants and see how short you would like them.
  3. One other thing to think about is if you want a cuffed bottom hem or a frayed open hem. If you want a cuffed hem add 2″.

Modern Colorist | DIY Cut Off ShortsModern Colorist | DIY Cut Off Shorts

Step 2. Marking Your Measurements

Making sure you are always measuring from the top of your pants, bring the measuring tape to your desired length and mark it with your pencil. (Just a little dash will do for now)

Continue marking every couple inches, making you are measuring from the top. (Not doing so could really screw you up)

Do it for both sides.

Modern Colorist | DIY Cut Off ShortsModern Colorist | DIY Cut Off ShortsStep 3. Connecting Your Dashes

Lay your measuring tape so it lines up to your dashes. Carefully connect your dashes with your pencil by making a straight line.

Do it for both sides.

Modern Colorist | DIY Cut Off ShortsStep 4. Cut Your Straight Lines

Making sure your pants are perfectly straight, with no crinkles or folds, take your scissors and starting cutting away.

I cut the whole leg together (2 layers). If you find this tricky you can measure the backside of your pants and cut them separately.

Do the other leg now.

Modern Colorist | DIY Cut Off ShortsStep 5. Figuring Out Your Hem

If you decided your wanted a cuffed hem all you need to do from here is fold them up twice and your good to go!

I’m going to be doing the cleaned frayed look.

Modern Colorist | DIY Cut Off ShortsStep 6. Frayed Hem

To achieve the frayed look, grab your scissors, open them up a little bit, and with one layer, move your scissors back and forth, making sure your fabric is getting right into the joint of your scissors.

Keep going back and forth and back and forth and you’ll soon start seeing the fraying look. Depending on how much you want you can keep going to make a lot of fraying. I am keeping mine pretty little and clean.

Do this same process with the backside and the other leg.

Modern Colorist | DIY Cut Off ShortsStep 7. Cut The Stingy Hem

If you like your strings hanging from your hem then VOILA! You are done! But I want a little bit of a cleaned up fray hem so I just cut some of my strings at the bottom. I didn’t get fray hem, just my strings.

That’s it! Pretty much the easiest shorts you’re ever going to make!

Modern Colorist | DIY Cut Off Shorts


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Dress The Rainbow: Day 2, Blush Pink

July 9, 2015

Modern Colorist | Dress The Rainbow | Blush Pink

The House That Lars Built is doing a fun colorful adventure. 50 shades of rainbow… Dressing in a color of the rainbow next  in front of the same color background. I’ll be popping in a out so follow along to see what color I’m in next.

Today is Day 2: Blush Pink.

The soft pink is a nice color that goes well with bright colors! Reds, blues, vivid pinks, or striking patterns, I wear it with a lot! But maybe my most favorite it with a white shirt/tunic. There is something so minimal, soft and darling about it.

Want to go on this colorful adventure with us? It’s easy to join along… Just pick a color and find a wall that matches and snap away! Post to Instagram and and tag #DressTheRainbow along with @houselarsbuilt (and tag me @caitlinwatsonboyes too because I want to see)!

There’s a BIG prize at the end of 50 days. A winner will be chosen for a $500 gift card to Asos, the best place to buy great colorful clothes.

How do you wear your blush pink?

Modern Colorist | Dress The Rainbow | Blush Pink Modern Colorist | Dress The Rainbow | Blush Pink