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Modern Colorist Creates Wedding

Handmade Flowers: White Wedding… Flowers

August 8, 2015

My dear friends Kev and Rachel had a beautiful Utah wedding. I was honored to decorate the reception site with my giant handmade flowers, using just white flowers. The setting was already set to be beautiful. The house lines the wilderness of Park City so I filled the backyard with giant cone flowers, peonies, and roses.

I want to talk about my handmade flowers in another post but for now just gander at this beautiful video. (Bonus if you find me in the video)

(Ok want to see more of my flowers go here

Modern Colorist | Handmade Flowers | White Flowers Wedding Modern Colorist | Handmade Flowers | White Flowers Wedding

Artists + Designers Design Wedding

Jaryn Bunney

July 27, 2015

With a twist of her pen, my dear talented friend Jaryn Bunney did this fun portrait of me! Love the quickness of her marks and the color fields that make up the larger drawing.

Modern Colorist | Jaryn Bunney


Check out more of her portraits here.

Another talent that Jaryn possess (out of a whole lot more of course) is she was Tanner and my videographer for our wedding. She captured the day so beautifully and all my nervousness and excitement of the day! Thank you Jaryn all your talents!

I’ll be posting more about my wedding later but enjoy this video to keep you intrigued.