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A Modern Roundup: Desert Darling

July 31, 2015

In Southern California we are bordered on one side with the great Pacific Ocean and on the other, desert. I don’t think I really thought too much about the desert when I was young. I didn’t hate it, I didn’t love it. I just didn’t get it yet.

Modern Colorist | A Modern Roundup | Desert Darling | WiissaPhoto by wiissa. Lost in the cacti grove.
Modern Colorist | A Modern Roundup | Desert Darling | WiissaPhoto by wiissa at the Grand Canyon. How deep the river made this canyon is breathtaking.

Being an adult, I’ve explored a little and I’ve come to fall in love with vast dry land. I gaze on the subtle mountain outlines, the shades of color within the layers sand, marvel at the desert plants.Modern Colorist | A Modern Roundup | Desert Darling | Forrest Mankins

Photo by Forrest Mankin in Alabama Hill, Lone Pine (Where a lot of the old Westerns were filmed).  Get yourself out there. It’s so beautiful.

Today I’m rounding up a perfect desert outfit. When I’m in the desert I think about the types of fabric I am wearing, what’s going to make me stay the most cool and dry.

This light weight jumpsuit with a perfect desert rose to keep your arms out of the sun is a great one to keep you cool and the sun off of you! A straw hat lets in the wind and cools you down, pair it all with the desert turquoise jewelry and I think you call that an outfit!

Modern Colorist | A Modern Roundup | Desert Darling1. Klint | 2. Flowerpatch Tan and Dusty Pink & Gold | 3. Nallik Larimar Necklace | 4. Sara Barner Ruby Bag | 5. Mitra Jumpsuit | 6. The Conjure Flower Denim Shirt | 7. Turquoise Stone Cuff by Giant Lion | 8. Helter Lace Up Clogs |

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