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Becki Owens Textiles Collection for Guildery

July 23, 2015

A fun project that I had the privilege to help design and bring to life is a textile collection for the fabulous interior designer Becki Owens.

Becki had a vision for her designs. Through watercolor, gouche, acrylic paints and loads more techniques it was fun to bring this collection to life! I love getting to use my artistic and design skills all in one project!

The collection just launched on Guildery and I couldn’t be more thrilled about how it came out!

Modern Colorist | Becki Owens CollectionModern Colorist | Becki Owens CollectionModern Colorist | Becki Owens Collectionbecki-owens-pillows-2Modern Colorist | Becki Owens Collection

Check it out here: Becki Owens Collection

Modern Colorist | Becki Owens Collection

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