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Dress The Rainbow: Day 2, Blush Pink

July 9, 2015

Modern Colorist | Dress The Rainbow | Blush Pink

The House That Lars Built is doing a fun colorful adventure. 50 shades of rainbow… Dressing in a color of the rainbow next  in front of the same color background. I’ll be popping in a out so follow along to see what color I’m in next.

Today is Day 2: Blush Pink.

The soft pink is a nice color that goes well with bright colors! Reds, blues, vivid pinks, or striking patterns, I wear it with a lot! But maybe my most favorite it with a white shirt/tunic. There is something so minimal, soft and darling about it.

Want to go on this colorful adventure with us? It’s easy to join along… Just pick a color and find a wall that matches and snap away! Post to Instagram and and tag #DressTheRainbow along with @houselarsbuilt (and tag me @caitlinwatsonboyes too because I want to see)!

There’s a BIG prize at the end of 50 days. A winner will be chosen for a $500 gift card to Asos, the best place to buy great colorful clothes.

How do you wear your blush pink?

Modern Colorist | Dress The Rainbow | Blush Pink Modern Colorist | Dress The Rainbow | Blush Pink

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