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Dress The Rainbow: Marigold

July 24, 2015

Modern Colorist | Dress The Rainbow | MarigoldOh the pretty Marigold. How you glow orange, yellow, gold. Such a beautiful vibrant color that it seems I like to acquire if you were to look in my closet. It plays with my orangey red lipstick just right. My sister, The House That Lars Built and I are having a blast with #dresstherainbow series. Come join alongand dress in a color with the same color background. Easy as that. $500 prize at the end.

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Here you go…


But the aster still blooms in the wood
And by a brook the marigold stood
Golden petals like rays of light
Gathering tears of sheer delight

The marigold like the glorious sun
When he begin his course to run
She displays elegance and grace
When he sets she turns her face

You have been adored long and well
Charmed me with your secret spell
The voice of promise come and part
Speaks of hope to faint of heart

In the living garment of the creator
Mary gold flowers stars of nature
I see the life in your every leaf
Flowers love’s language is belief

Part of the poem ‘Marigold’ by Beryl McMullen


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