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Dress The Rainbow

July 29, 2015

Another day, another Dress The Rainbow it seems like! I LOVE IT! If you’re not following along, The House That Lars Built is doing 50 days of dressing in a certain color with the same color background.

Today is mustard. I hate mustard the flavor but I love mustard the color! Oh how it mixes so well with orangey red, mint green. Goodness I die sometimes about that (not literally of course).

Modern Colorist | Dress The Rainbow | MustardWant to know something funny about me… It’s about the first time I saw a dead body. Yuck gross I know. But it’s kinda weird and funny… When I was at college I had only a couple days to find a new place to live. I wasn’t having much luck. School was about to start. So I took to the donut to heal my pain. After eating at Provo Bakery‬ I saw a ‘for rent’ sign next store. It happened to be a part of Berg Mortuary‬. Well the first time paying my rent I pass one of their vans and who happened to be in the back of a van, just laying on a gurney, was a dead person! Good and dead. I quickly rushed to pay my rent and I moved 4 months later. It was kinda funny to live there. Made for a great story. But I didn’t like to live alone. Good thing I moved out because it burnt down 6 months later.

Ok awesome now Dress The Rainbow everybody! Have a beautiful sunny mustard day!

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