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Motivational Monday: Solange Knowles

June 29, 2015


Monday Monday Monday… yeah I know, don’t remind you! But get inspired! Get motivated because it’s Motivational Monday!

You should already know her. She has a famous last name. Maybe you’ve seen the footage of the Jay-Z attack in the elevator… but that’s not what I am here to talk about…

I’m here to talk about the oh-so-stylish Solange Knowles!Modern Colorist | Solange KnowlesA singer. An actress. A model. A DJ. Sisters to Beyonce. Aunt to Blue Ivy.

But Solange’s true colors shine with her style. Modern Colorist | Motivational Monday| Solange KnowlesWith her eclectic style, Solange has become a creative style icon. She continues to make waves in the fashion industry with her bold prints, big hair, and vivid colors.Modern Colorist | Motivational Monday| Solange Knowles

“When I look back at old pictures, my dad was always smartly dressed, my mom had the most elegant, beautiful style, and my sister was very into the ’90s Cross Colours look, and I… I just had all of these different things inside me.”

Modern Colorist | Solange KnowlesModern Colorist | Motivational Monday| Solange KnowlesModern Colorist | Solange KnowlesModern Colorist | Solange KnowlesModern Colorist | Solange Knowles

“As women we have the choice of how we want to look and how we want to feel, and that’s the beauty of being a woman. We all have the option of how we want to express ourselves through our life, hair, style or whatever we decide.”

Modern Colorist | Solange Knowles

And for your enjoyment…

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