Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday: Linda Rodin

May 18, 2015

Motivational Monday - Linda Rodin

The real beauty comes with age and this lady is the staple. This weeks Motivational Monday features the ever so beautiful Linda Rodin. Having many different roles in her career; from being a model, a photographers assistant, to a successful stylist, than to a Harper Bazaar editor, and now a beauty products entrepreneur of RODIN Oilo Lussa; Rodin has always done it in style.

A style icon of mine for a long time, Linda has been featured in J.Crew catalogs, Mary Kate & Ashley campaigns, and in numerous magazine spreads and articles. Linda is a poster woman for embracing contradictions and personal style. She also has become something of a paragon for aging gracefully. With all the attention she’s been receiving, she is the most humble about it, and surprised by the attention at all! “It’s absurd, actually! I wasn’t in the public eye before. It’s great, and I embrace it all and think it’s really interesting that people would be looking at me for anything,” Linda explains.
Motivational Monday - Linda Rodin“I don’t ever want to look like anyone else.” –Linda RodinMotivational Monday - Linda RodinMotivational Monday - Linda RodinShe defines her personal style as “classically simple with a twist—like, a tailored men’s shirt with hot pink polka dots. I like to mix it up—be eclectic.”Motivational Monday - Linda RodinEven her house is beyond! A collector, Linda’s house is full of flea market finds, avast array of shells, and curation of eclectic beauty.Motivational Monday - Linda RodinLinda Rodin has refined what aging should be; natural, graceful, elegant, and a whole lot of fun!

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