Wanderers in the Wilderness

August 6, 2015

Modern Colorist | Wanderers in the WildernessWandering the wilderness.

Finding new, forgotten, or unseen places.

Remembering the past through wide open spaces.Modern Colorist | Wanderers in the WildernessExploring the area that someone calls their home, their town, their city is important. Not just shopping in the unique boutiques or fine dining but getting into nature, as best as you can, and seeing what your town really is at it’s barebones. How has nature adapted to what man has done.

So I take the back roads.Modern Colorist | Wanderers in the WildernessHow was this area 100 years ago? Perhaps no one ventured here. Perhaps, cows, or goats where herded through these rolling hills. Maybe a hermit built a humble house in one of these basins.

Modern Colorist | Wanderers in the WildernessWe followed a water canal which let us to this sad looking reserve (that’s drought ridden California for you).Modern Colorist | Wanderers in the WildernessModern Colorist | Wanderers in the WildernessI find it difficult to truly get out into nature here in Southern California. There are so many restrictions and limits. I just want to see nature!  To be able to only hear it, with no cars.Modern Colorist | Wanderers in the WildernessMy ultimate adventure buddy. Modern Colorist | Wanderers in the WildernessGo explore. Go discover. Get lost a little. Find something even better.

Vest by Forever 21 | Sunglasses by Zara (On Sale!) | Cactus Pin by me | Tanner rockin the Amish Hat

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